How to Go Cruelty-Free with Your Beauty Products

How to Go Cruelty-Free with Your Beauty Products

Looking good has never been easier than it has been in the past few years. This is because of the huge number of items and beauty products that you can now order online and have delivered right to your doorstep. You can do sports jersey online shopping for custom jerseys and other specialized clothing on the internet. Face creams, soaps, face masks, vegan shampoo, and even makeup like concealers and eyeshadows can also be ordered online.


While this is a good thing, you should be aware that not all products you can buy online are good for everyone. Many of the beauty products you see being sold on the internet are safe for you to use. However, for companies to determine this, they resort to animal testing. Would you believe that face cream or lipstick you are wearing being tested on a rabbit to check for toxicity?

People who’ve realized this practice now boycott products that they know are being tested on animals. There are a lot of brands that actually do this and the list includes world-famous brands. If you want to stop the practice of animal testing on beauty products, the only way to do so is to stop supporting the brands that do this.

Animal testing: what it is and why it happens

One question that bears asking in this matter is why do companies test their products on animals? What does it really do and why are animals used in this process?

Testing the toxicity of products using animals has been practiced since the time of the ancient Greeks. You’d think that after centuries, man would have come up with better and more humane ways of testing products that they manufacture. However, the practice persists to this day and an estimated 100 million animals are tested on every year in the US alone. This includes animal testing performed by pharmaceutical companies.

Why do companies test their products on animals? The main reason is that companies cannot legally test new chemicals in their products on humans for safety. Some people say that it’s a necessary evil, but is it really?

Studies have shown that animal testing is actually irrelevant when it comes to proving whether or not an item is safe for human use. This is because using animals does not provide much useful insight into the subject. It has been noted that using mice to test for safety is only 43% accurate. There is a huge disparity in the physiology of animals and humans, hence the inaccuracy.

The ugly side of the beauty industry


According to sources, more than 100 million animals are subjected to animal testing every year in U.S. Included in this list are mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters.

The tests include procedures that check for eye and skin irritation. There is also oral feeding to check for side effects due to accidental ingestion. Some companies even use lethal dose tests to see at what level a certain chemical is deadly. All of these are cruel and inhumane. Not all of these are deemed necessary though.

In truth, cosmetic companies can produce products without the need for animal testing. It is only when they want to use new ingredients in products they are developing that such testing is truly necessary. And even then, they have the option to use non-animal testing methods to check for toxicity.

Some of the brands that use animals to test for toxicity include popular brands like L’Oreal, MAC, Lancome, Maybelline, and Clinique. Even NARS, which was once part of the list of cruelty-free cosmetic brands, has started testing on animals to satisfy China’s animal testing regulations.

If you want to increase awareness and pressure these brands to stop what they are doing, boycotting their products is one thing you can do.

Cruelty-free alternatives to animal testing

There are tests that use in vitro methods, human reconstructed skin, and synthetic options that can be used for testing. Plus, animal testing isn’t necessary if you choose all-natural and vegan products.

There are lots of cruelty-free products on the market. You can buy vegan, vegan soaps, and organic lotions that are not tested on animals. These are manufactured using ingredients that don’t require any tests for toxicity. 

The list of cruelty-free alternatives is pretty long. You can find popular brands like Aveda, NYX, Urban Decay, and many more on this list. You can also buy vegan shampoo, organic toothpaste, and even vegan deodorant from smaller, independent manufacturing companies that are owned and operated by vegans. 

Stop animal testing. Make the conscious choice to not buy from brands that test on animals. This is to put pressure on them to stop such cruelty to animals.

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