Is Cotton Vegan? Compassionate Textiles and Clothing Options

Is Cotton Vegan? Compassionate Textiles and Clothing Options


For some people, going vegan generally means shifting eating habits from meat-based to plant-based. While this is partly what going vegan is all about, this is just a small part of it. Shifting to veganism means you are undertaking a lifestyle change where you are trying to avoid anything that endangers animals. This includes avoiding the purchase and use of animal-based textiles.

One of the mainstays of the vegan clothing industry is cotton. Since cotton fabrics are made from the cotton plant, then it is safe to say that it is indeed vegan. It’s not the only option you have though. There are other fabrics that are plant-based including linen, hemp, and bamboo.

Aside from plant-based fabrics, there are also other compassionate textile options for you to choose from. These include fabrics made from synthetic materials that don’t involve any animals in their manufacture. Examples of these include recycled nylon, recycled polyester, recycled plastic, polyurethane, vinyl, rayon, spandex, and rPet.

What qualities and attributes make cotton vegan?

What makes cotton a vegan fabric option, aside from the fact that it’s made entirely out of plants? The reason that cotton fabric is totally vegan is not only because it’s plant-based but also because no animals or animal-based materials were purposely used in its manufacture.

Not all cotton fabrics are manufactured alike though. Some use chemicals and other components to spray the cotton crops that can be harmful. To ensure that you do get sustainable cotton clothing, you should ensure that these are marked 100% organic cotton.

When you look for clothing that is truly vegan, you should check out vegan stores. You can search for these stores by going online and searching for “vegan stores near me”. You can add the word “clothing” to your search term to further narrow down your results.

The advantages vegan textiles have over animal-based textiles

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Why should you consider shifting to wearing clothes made out of vegan textiles instead of clothes made out of animal-based ones? There are many good reasons. Aside from helping the environment and stopping cruelty to animals, vegan textiles are more sustainable. These include textiles that are made using recycled synthetic items, like nylon and polyester.

While some materials that are considered vegan are not totally environmentally friendly, the synthetic ones can instead be mostly made using recycled products. Take clothing made out of RPET, for example. Did you know that these are actually crafted using recycled PET bottles? Some people lump this product in with recycled polyester because it is a polyester-like fabric.

In a way, you are helping the environment further by wearing these clothes instead of clothes made out of animal-based fabrics. Instead of them going to landfill, you are recycling non-biodegradable products by opting for clothes that are made using these synthetic materials. If you want to check out what these clothes are and how they look as well as feel when worn, look for “vegan stores near me” online. Visit these stores and try out some of the clothing they have in stock.

Promoting veganism through what you wear

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Promoting veganism through food choices is just one of the ways you can help stop animal cruelty and actually make an impact on the environment. Wearing vegan-friendly clothing is another way. You can promote this kinder lifestyle by not only wearing clothes that are made out of vegan-friendly materials but also by wearing vegan shirts that have compassionate messages on them.

Wearing vegan clothing and eating vegan food are just two of the ways you can promote veganism. There are many other ways you can do this. One way is to support organizations like Food for Life, which is an organization that is helping to fight child hunger in the world. By donating to FFL, you are donating vegan food to hundreds of starving children around the world.

You can do your part to stop animal cruelty and environmental degradation by shifting to a vegan lifestyle. You can start by looking for places near you that can help with such a change. Typing “vegan stores near me” or “vegan clothing and food store” in your browser will help you find a place to start.

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