Product Reviews by UK Vegan Jodie Brown!

Product Reviews by UK Vegan Jodie Brown!

"I am happy to announce I have recently been working with The Vegan Centre and testing out their products! This incredible online vegan marketplace offers an extensive range of everything a vegan lifestyle requires; from food, clothing, jewellery, home, and beauty. 


One of the things I just love about this ethical company is, they have one simple yet powerful goal in mind: to support any and all vegan businesses and endeavours.


I was lucky enough to test out the Vees-Wax Wraps Food Covers and the Armed (But Not Dangerous) Aluminium-Free Deodorant! And now I don’t think I could live without them.


From start to end of this product testing, I have been in awe of the amazing quality The Vegan Centre offers. When I received the order in the mail, the unwrapping was an experience all on its own.


The bubble-wrap mailer was a lovely bright pink, and really stood out from the sea of boring beige letters and parcels. It also provided a lot of support and protection for the products, so they arrived in immaculate condition.


Upon opening the parcel, I was greeted with lovely ‘A Joy Forever’ tissue paper. This was individually wrapped on both products. I love that this material was chosen over plastic wrapping, for me it becomes a guilt-free purchase.


In an act to become more low-waste, I thought these products would be a perfect fit for my more eco-conscious lifestyle…and I wasn’t wrong.




Although both have their uses, I would say the All-Natural Deodorant was my favourite as it is something I have used everyday and completely replaced any aerosols with.


The scent I chose was Lavender + Vanilla but other fragrances are also available, or you could go completely unscented.


The product comes in a 3.4oz sustainable cardboard push-up stick. The overall packaging is so simple yet beautiful. I love the pop of colour on the label and it echoes the recycled/recyclable ethos I carry.


The performance of the push-up stick has been excellent over the duration of testing. It really is as simple as pushing the bottom up every time the balm gets worn down from use.

During use, one of the first things I noticed was how amazing the fragrance is. The combination of lavender and vanilla has become one of my faves and I really look forward to smelling it every morning.


Previous to receiving this product, I didn’t actually know how bad common antiperspirant deodorant is. They keep us smelling fresh while simultaneously employing aluminium to stop up our sweat ducts and keep us from sweating excessively. Pretty gross!


This is why I love that the Armed (But Not Dangerous) Deodorant is completely aluminium-free, along with no baking soda, no parabens and no animal testing. Sounds like a vegan’s dream!


At the time of writing this article, I have been using The Vegan Centre’s Deodorant for 8 weeks and I still have over half the stick left. I am so impressed with its overall performance and it feels like it is going to last me forever.


For a small cost of $7.50 USD, a product that will probably last me almost 4 months is an absolute bargain. Although the upfront cost might be more, I actually end up saving money with this product.


The UK’s average aerosol deodorant costs £2 ($2.63 at the time of writing) and I usually purchase 2 a month. Over 4 months, that is a saving of $13.54 USD OR £10.30 GBP!


Who said going vegan was expensive?


If I was to describe what I love most about this product, it would be the feeling of actually applying it to my pits. The texture is so light and creamy, it feels like it is actually moisturising my skin whilst doing its job to protect me from body odour.


And yes, in case you were wondering, this is a great BO stopper. For the entire 8 weeks, I followed the application process as instructed. Applying every morning, and after any strenuous activity or bathing. This was enough to stop any embarrassing smells and I actually have felt more protected, and less likely to reapply, than with traditional deodorant.


Overall, I give this product a 9/10. I only wish the deodorant stick was a little more secure in its casing.




I have felt so much better in myself since using the Vees-Wax Wraps Food Covers. They are a guilt-free, plastic-free solution to keeping your food fresh and protected.


My first impressions of this product was just how pretty the colours and patterns were on the 3 covers. Each sized covers are completely different and unique, I love this. I was also surprised by the material, I don’t know what I was expecting them to feel like but they are so soft and malleable.


I loved that the product came with a little yellow card with detailed instructions on how to use the covers, and what food items they are recommended for (pretty much anything but meat, we don’t want that anyway!).

The wraps are handcrafted from 100% GOTS-certified cotton. I was amazed to find out that they are naturally-antimicrobial, meaning they stop the growth of microorganisms. Fresh food for longer!


With so much plastic ending up in our oceans year after year, it’s such a good thing to be able to stop the use of single-use plastics like plastic wrap.


On The Vegan Centre’s website, this product states it lasts up to one year, but since I’m using these covers more weekly than daily, I have a feeling they will last a lot longer for me.


Over the past 8 weeks, I have been using the wraps for keeping my sandwiches, fruit, veg and leftover bits and pieces fresh. I think they’ve been highly efficient and are surprisingly easy to use.


I was expecting the covers to be quite stiff and therefore, difficult to mould to the edges of plates and bowls. They are, in fact, very malleable and easy to manipulate which is a big plus.


I love that you only have to rinse them with cold water after use and they are ready to go again. So simple and easy, I haven’t missed plastic wrap at all.


With the cost of a 3-pack being $18.95 USD, that’s around $6 for one. Considering these are items I can use again and again for the foreseeable future, I would say this is a great deal.


The average cost of plastic wrap is £3 ($3.95 at the time of writing), and I have previously got through one roll each month. This equates to a saving of $28.45 USD OR £21.62 GBP with a years use!


Overall, I have happily maintained by use of this product for the past 8 weeks and I still plan on using them in the future. Although not perfect, they are a great alternative to nasty plastic wrap.


I give this product 8/10. My only small issue is that I wish that there was more, it would be great to have an even larger sized cover."

Product Reviews by UK's Vegan Jodie Brown.


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