About Us

Sure, living a vegan lifestyle is something to be proud of. It means that you’re compassionate, ethical, and stand for something greater and bigger than yourself. 

However, sometimes with the vegan lifestyle, shopping for things often takes a bit more time than before. Because we need to carefully trace the ingredients or materials to see if we are buying something that is Vegan, and also causing as little harm as possible in general. As we very well know, this can become frustrating, especially when you’re pressed for time or shopping for a house-full of vegans with different styles and tastes.

The Vegan Center is a place to find Vegan essentials, and unique Vegan themed products!

You can find many things you may need, want for yourself, or think is a GREAT GIFT for a Vegan you love in your life. 

We hope you enjoy it! 

The Mission

A USA-based company, The Vegan Center was born during the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. It began by mostly selling masks with Vegan themes and messages. The powerful images and words on our masks have now been spread all across the world for many eyes to see, and we are very honored to be a part of spreading awareness of Veganism.

Join us in our part of making better choices in what we buy, and spreading awareness through the power of images and words! <3