About Us

Sure, living a vegan lifestyle is something to be proud of. It means that you’re compassionate, ethical, and stand for something greater and bigger than yourself. But let’s face it––the vegan lifestyle can be quite impractical on a daily basis.


Only certain companies state that they are 100% vegan-friendly, making shopping for food, clothes, and even home decor quite the task. With the vegan lifestyle, shopping for just about anything takes a bit more time than before. As we very well know, this can become frustrating, especially when you’re pressed for time or shopping for a house-full of vegans with different styles and tastes.


That’s exactly why we created The Vegan Center. 

We saw a need and decided to fulfill it. The Vegan Center is your one-stop-shop for finding many of the things you may need, from food, clothing, jewelry, home, and beauty. Our collection of products have all been verified to be 100% vegan-friendly, meaning you can shop with confidence and ease.

 We hope you enjoy it!

The Mission

A USA-based company, The Vegan Center came about with one simple yet powerful goal in mind: to support any and all vegan businesses and endeavors. As you may very well know, supporting vegan businesses doesn’t just mean helping businesses grow and thrive. It also means that we’re fighting the good fight in support of environmental protection, the growth of vegan businesses, and the liberation of animal rights.