A Pig IS a Dog IS a Kid Book


A Pig IS a Dog IS a Kid shines a light on the disconnection between the animals we call pets and the animals we eat. 

"Her desperate cries could brand a soul
With agonizing sorrow
When the newborn son she had today
Is stolen from her tomorrow
This broken heart won’t be her last
She’ll never be a mother
While misery seeps into milk
That’s swallowed by another."

The book will raise awareness of the Speciesism that is inherent in our perception of animals, and will bring attention to the very valid question: Why love one, but eat the other? It will also challenge the notion that we need to eat animals for survival, when in reality it is a choice.


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“Vegan Children's Books newest book is adorned with gorgeous and heartwarming illustrations that help children bridge the gap between our apathy for farmed animals and our respect and concern for most all other animals. In my own work.

I often point out that children generally learn to discriminate in various ways from the adult world. One form of discrimination is based on which animals we consume from those we ‘love.’ The adult world then teaches us to block out the reality of what really happens to farmed animals. One of the most striking and clever visual ways Oliver communicates this message is through the illustration of the two signs side by side, one on each tree.

The one on the right has a cute photo of a pig and reads ‘Pig roast extravaganza!’ while the one on left has a cute photo of a dog and reads ‘Lost dog, reward!’ Oliver smartly anticipates the justifications we commonly hear from people for why we should continue to eat animals and, in so doing, helps her young readers identify them and respond to them. She uses reason and emotion, head and heart, to make a strong case for not harming animals that is uplifting to children and adults alike!” — Robert Grillo, President and Director of Free from Harm.

“The truth of how our society in general treats and views most animals is never a palatable one—no matter what age we are when we discover it. In A Pig Is a Dog Is a Kid, Maritza Oliver from Vegan Children's Books once again deals with this difficult subject matter in an honest, loving and compassionate manner, giving young people the opportunity to understand the speciesism that is inherent in our perception of animals. This book is a wonderful resource that has been lovingly illustrated and put together.” — Emma Letessier, Editor of Barefoot Vegan Magazine & Co-Founder of Barefoot Vegan Farm & Sanctuary.

“In her signature unique style, Maritza Oliver from Vegan Children's Books has captured the essence of animal rights in this whimsically and colourfully illustrated book. Although geared towards children, people of all ages need to hear her message: that being kind to animals means not eating them. I teach my children that we practice the golden rule towards animals, and I’m pleased that now I can read them this important idea from A Pig Is a Dog Is a Kid.” — Anna Pippus, Director of Farmed Animal Advocacy at Animal Justice.

“Maritza Oliver's pioneering contribution to the library of Animal Liberation/Vegan literature for younger children has richly coloured pictures and frank, age appropriate text that evinces compassion and imagination. The message itself is a necessary examination of the sometimes strange world we live in, but is sensitive to the innate emotional needs of children as well. 
Children will be taught a valuable skill in reading this: critical reflection. This provides the foundation for their own advocacy to include compassion and more well-rounded thought processes when reflecting on what others tell them about non-humans. This introduces a basic understanding of speciesism, how we place animals in hierarchical structures based around preferential experiences and injustice. Teaching children about speciesism is an important step in eradicating it. Please support this publication and its message of kindness.” - David Isbister, PlantBase.

“This is definitely a beautiful and fully advisable story for kids, full of priceless examples about empathy regarding different attitudes in life about veganism vs speciesism in a very simple and effective way. This book will make you sit up and take notice of life, being aware of the feelings and emotions of every sentient being other than ourselves. The author succeeds in raising awareness while providing a deep analysis of the foundation ethical problems in a systematic rectification and commodification of animals. On these grounds, there is no place anymore for considerations in language like free range eggs vs caged, pig vs pork, etc. The book discusses appealingly a healthier way to grow up away from pain.” – Juan Carlos Escobar, Spain.

“My kids were fascinated and loved reading “A Pig is a Dog is a Kid”. by Maritza Oliver, whom once again, did a brilliant job at informing our children with not only her words but also with her beautiful illustrations, the importance of knowing where our food comes from, thank you Maritza for teaching our children about healthier and ethical food choices. Well done!!” - Cecilia Torres

 “Love this book! Although this beautifully illustrated book is written for children, A Pig is a Dog is a Kid’s message of kindness, compassion and treating other the way WE want to be treated is applicable to us all. Everyone needs to read Maritza Oliver’s book and incorporate the message into their life.”  - Margo Watt


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