Be Kind to Every Kind Book

Be Kind to Every Kind is the FIRST EVER social justice children’s picture book about our interconnection with other beings, including non-human animals.

  • At a time when discrimination and its terrible consequences are highlighted in the media, our goal for this book is to nurture the kindness inherent in children and to inspire them to bring about change for a more just world. Be Kind to Every Kind is authentic, educational, personal, factual, empowering and hopeful!

Ships worldwide from Canada.  

"Be Kind To Every Kind is an amazing book for kids and adults. Often we go through life without ever asking these important questions. The beautiful illustrations accompanied by educational text makes this an impacftul and eye-opening book. It sparks interesting conversation with kids learning how to accept everyone. This is a much needed book for our youth to learn about anti-oppression and to foster care, empathy, compassion and love." --Daniela Reiser, Founder of Social Change Makers Society

"Be Kind to Every Kind is a book that I will eagerly read to my little girls so that they can better understand fundamental issues of social justice and how we are all connected. I am not aware of any other book that so eloquently and beautifully describes how we can promote fairness and equality for all living beings, including nonhuman animals. I cannot recommend this book highly enough." -Casey Taft, Ph.D., Author, Publisher, and Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine

"Be Kind to Every Kind beautifully waves in concepts of justice in a way that will nurture the kindness inherent in children. I love that Maritza Oliver never talks down to kids, even addressing "grown-up" issues such as social injustice, speciesism, sexism, ableism, and racism. This wonderfully illustrated book will surely inspire a more compassionate future for generations to come." - Lauren Ornelas, Founder and Executive Director of Food Empowerment Project

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