Don't Eat Plastic! SnP Mill



Don’t grind plastic into the nutritious food you eat!

Unlike plastic rotors that erode, This durable non-corrosive, ceramic core rotor keeps your food pure, delicious, and free of unnatural elements

Precision adjustable settings give you the freedom to play with textures. Choose from ultra-fine to coarse-ground

Shatter-resistant acrylic keeps ingredients safe when life happens in the kitchen

Ergonomic, non-slip grip for those oily, creamy, juicy, moments

Efficient, 2-in-1 hourglass design saves space and time stylishly in your home, boat, and camper

Includes: Premium Hawaiian Red and Black Lava Salt + Organic Peppercorn

Refillable. BPA Free. Recyclable

Refill salt and pepper bags sold separately*

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