I Am Their Voice Handmade Copper Cuff

This cuff represents those of us who speak out for others. This can be any one of us and where our hearts are. We can speak out for women, for children to be treated respectfully, for all animals, for veterans that need aftercare, for anyone treated wrongly because of their skin color, for the elderly that need out voices and help, for those who want to love someone that might be the same sex as they are, for the rhinos, for the orangutans, for the chickens that people eat, or the cats and dogs that are stuck in the illegal meat trades. There are so many lives that need for us to be their voice and allow them to be heard.

This cuff is a half inch tall and will fit a variety of wrist sizes as it is slightly adjustable. We are open to adding different phrases to your cuff or even adding little foot prints or designs in your piece. Just send us an email and we can chat about it!

*All pieces are shipped in gift boxes and add sprigs of flowers and plants that I grow here at my home. They are sent to you ready to be given as a gift or as a nice gift for yourself. Custom made to order pieces are created for you within 1-2 weeks before they are mailed off to you.

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