Milk and Cookie a Little Spooky Book


Milk and Cookie a Little Spooky depicts the plight of cows and calves on today's large dairy farms using a factual, scientific framework. The book shines a light on the unique connection between female mammals, both human and non-human, and their milk. Using an approach based on common sense and healthy choices, it advocates the cows' right to do whats natural for her -nurture her baby-, it promotes empathy, raises awareness around issues surrounding the drinking of milk, and emphasizes the overall benefits of a more compassionate, dairy-free lifestyle.


Ships Worldwide from Canada.

“This is a wonderful new book by Maritza Oliver from Vegan Children's Books, about what cows endure to provide milk products for human consumption. Maritza has written and illustrated a compassionate and very informative story that is perfect for children and adults. She also shares lovely facts about cows—including that “they get excited when they solve problems! Here is an important book that can solve problems we create for the cows—please visit her website to order her book for you and a friend! Thank you Maritza for all you are doing for the animals!” — Rae Ann Kumelos,

“Maritza Oliver’s book, Milk and Cookie and Little Spooky, from Vegan Children's Books is a must read and should be required reading in schools. She tells it like it is and it is a wonderful reference as to what is involved in the dairy industry. This knowledge is partnered by her whimsical and sweet illustrations of the cows. With her genius she is able to celebrate these wonderful animals in their natural glory and also to show the misery they endure in the dairy industry. This book brings to light the grave misunderstanding nurtured by false advertising that dairy products are healthy. Ms. Oliver’s illustrations remind us that these animals are feeling creatures to be respected and loved.” — Marian Hailey-Moss, Author and Animal Activist

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