Moroccan Poufs


Traditionally, poufs from Morocco were used to store bedding, clothing and household linens. They are also used as a small table, additional seating or foot rest.

While many come stuffed with cotton thread or other materials, we love the idea of using them in such a space saving manner. Our authentic Moroccan poufs are hand-made by a group of artisans from in Marrakesh. Each section is hand-stitched with decorative embroidery detail on the top.

This order is for 2 poufs!
Choose from Gold or Silver.
Spot clean with a damp cloth.
Vegan PU: 15" high / 28" diameter (Gold, Silver)


Each pouf comes unstuffed, so you can choose to use the pouf for storage or use traditional batting. Sizing shown is once poufs are stuffed. Sizing mentioned is with pouf stuffed.

Made in Morocco
Free Shipping to the USA

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