Premium Clip On Mosquito & Insect Repellents

Did you know that mosquito bites can carry and spread various diseases and viruses that can be particularly dangerous to your children as well as yourself?
PRESENTING THE SAFE & EFFECTIVE BUG REPELLENT CLIP-ONS Made from pure natural essential oils of chamomile peppermint and citronella our mosquito repellents are here to make you forget about harmful chemicals and help you welcome the summer with excitement and anticipation!

1400 HOUR EFFECT! Being extra comfortable to wear and definitely not complicated at all our repellent clip-on can be put on clothes bags hats or any object that you can think off and they will drive mosquitoes and similar bugs away for at least 1400 hours! 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS made from essentials oils of various plants our clip-ons are known for their maximum protection.

Safe for pregnant women and babies to use! Good for both adults and children. Although they do smell great their odor is not overwhelming makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for your camping or hiking adventures as well as your afternoon stroll in the park!
SOME ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS! Although these clips do not have to be in contact with your skin it’s advised that you keep them as close as possible to your skin. For example you could clip them on the edge of cuffs on shoelaces or on your hat and they will get the job done! If you live in a mosquito-infested zone it may be smart to use two or more to maximize their effect. And lastly, remember that you can store them away when you don’t use them since they will keep working for at least 1400 hours!
· Matchless Craftsmanship · Absolute Safety · Cute & Beautiful Design · Comfortable To Wear · Easy To Use · Long Lasting Powerful Effect


  • PROTECT YOUR LITTLE ONE FROM BUG BITES: Our mosquito repellent clip-on feature the cutest shape that your baby will love and they work far better than any similar bug control technique.
  • PERFECT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Ideal for getting rid of mosquitos bugs and insects our clip-on repellers will last for 1400 hours and can be used indoors and outdoors by the entire family!
  • ZERO SKIN CONTACT: Being extremely comfortable to wear all you got to do is clip these protectants on your clothes or your baby’s clothes and know that they will drive bugs away without slipping and falling.
  • NATURAL & EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: Made from essential oils of chamomile citronella and peppermint our repellent clip on smell great and they can be used by pregnant women and babies without any fear of side effects.


30 Day Warranty

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