Vegetable & Fruit Arrangements Cutters

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Great indoor activity!

Quickly and easily make fruit, cheese, meat or vegetables into fun shapes with the tools.

This kit includes a 3-piece tool, bamboo skewers and six fun shapes. The shapes in this

Fruit cutter kit include one circle, one heart, one flower, one butterfly, one sun and one star.

It is easy to use: Just push, pop and create! No knife or cookie cutters are needed.

It is easy to clean and is ideal for making food for parties.

A handy recipe book is included to help you get started.


Quick and easy to do, just push, pop and create.

Creates fun, healthy snacks and transforms mealtime.

Fun-tastic way to make delicious edible creations.

Pop Chef lets you choose any shape, then press into your favorite food for fun shapes.

Make holiday treats that can't be beat.

Made of plastic and bamboo.

Free shipping within the USA.



Carved (not including mold): about 7 (diameter) x 11 (H) cm

Round mode: approx. 2.5 (diameter) x 9 (H) cm

Heart-shaped mold: about 3.5 (diameter) x 9 (H) cm

Flower-shaped mold: 5.8 (diameter) x 3 (H) cm

Butterfly-shaped mold: about 4.7 (length) 3 (width) x 3 (H) cm

Sun-shaped mold: about 4.5 (diameter) x 3 (H) cm

Star mode: approx. 3.5 (diameter) x 9 (H) cm

A full Weight: about 260g



Package Included:

1*Kitchen Dining Bar

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